Fashiontv | Party at Rockbar WMC in Miami, Florida 2011| fashiontv - Party at Rockbar WMC in Miami, Florida 2011

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The WMC serves electronic music like the golf course serves big business companies. If you're a DJ trying to build your reputation, a producer trying to sell more records, or in the industry in general, this is where connections and deals are made. You can say the WMC is where artists dreams are realized and where exposure provides their accreditation.
MIAMI ? There is something special in the air in South Beach. You'd expect the mood to be euphoric on day three of the Winter Music Conference, the annual dance music conclave that brings together fans, artists and event promoters from around the world. But this year, people seem to be in an even more delighted mood than usual. House DJ and rock-remix impresario Tommie Sunshine, who's been attending WMC for the past 14 years, attributes the extra happiness to the increasing relevance of dance music today


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